I recently joined CU Boulder Colorado to set up a new research group. We build data products and services using a mix of public and private sector data, and combine this with cutting edge statistics and data science to solve problems in development for a better and fairer planet. We're looking for new talent to join the group. If you want to come and work with us send me a message.

World Development Report 2021

I was on the team that wrote the WDR 2021. Harnessing the power of data for development, to ensure no one is left behind.


We built Farm Geek. Bringing the data underlying the big ideas and claims in food system interventions to your fingertips.


I was on the Ceres2030 team implementing cutting edge machine learning for evidence synthesis. Finding sustainable solutions to end hunger.


I was one of 500+ contributing authors to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services first Global Assessment. Read the summary report here.

Baselines for Data Driven Farming

I led the team who developed the world's first ever baselines for data driven farming interventions with global reach. Informing tech for the future.

Breadbasket failure

With a growing population, volatile markets, biodiversity loss, and natural disasters, people are worried about food system collapse. Should we be?


Is it possible to give half of the planet back to nature? Here we assess the trade-offs with feeding the planet.

Food affordability

We develop near-real time and forecasted insights on food affordability for monitoring, evaluation and improved nutrition.